This week we are headed down to Ticaboo for the first annual Ticaboo rally which features a great ride, that takes a sauce from the lodge and into the Henry mountain range. Then, we’re following NOVACC as they host a great trails convention that features leaders of the off-road and outdoor communities and helps them better understand the principles of trail design. Finally, Reece and Marianne take us out to one of the most unusual wedding venues in the state as they head out to the church of dirt.


  1. Good Morning This is Joe Orman in Panguitch, Utah. The AYL sticker that you viewed min Panguitch is on my Honda Talon. My license plate number is W37ME. You do a great show and we appreciate all that you do for the Offroad Community. Thank You

  2. We ll then traverse the mesa top to the Badlands, where we can kick around for fossils like Devil s Toenails (petrified clams) and petrified oysters. We ll venture toward the Burr Trail with a stop in Eggnog to see the Butt Canyon petroglyphs, then once on the Burr Trails, we ll study for rock art, and search for petrified wood. Crossing the Burr Trail, we ll explore the Hall s Creek Overlook, where you can see Brimhall Arch, and double arch that lies in Capital Reef National Park, then continue through more Morrison Formation back toward Ticaboo, culminating at The Narrows where we can shoot the machines through a slot canyon. Trailhead: The trailhead is right behind BaseCamp, next to the Ticaboo Lodge, so no need to trailer the machines.

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