November 22, 2014 and Sunday November 23, 2014
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Host Adventure: Thanksgiving at Hidden Springs Ranch

The AYL family enjoys some tough love for Thanksgiving. We visit the Hidden Springs Ranch in Duchesne County. There are more activities than you can count for your family. This is one destination you will not want to miss.

Hidden Springs Ranch

Travel Adventure: Desolation and Beauty

Steven takes an ATV adventure that has 2 different extremes and explores a new trail that is opening this spring. The Wolverine trail is one trail you will want to explore and even has yurts to rent and stay in.

Wolverine Trail

Outdoor Cooking: Alternative Turkey Dinner

Chad and Ria cook up an alternative Thanksgiving dinner. We show you how to bake individual turkey bits for everyone in the family.


Trail Adventure: Hybrid Mountain Bike

Don takes a look at a new Electric Mountain Bike that helps people enjoy the sport that may not otherwise be possible.


Planner: AYL Travel Planner

At Your Leisure is your source for all the cool things to do in the great outdoors. In this week's travel planner the cast covers the Helper Christmas Festival, Fantasy at the Bay,
and Christmas at the Homestead.

Helper Christmas Festival and Fantasy at the Bay and Christmas at the Homestead


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