July 16, 2016 and Sunday July 17, 2016
Episode 45: Full Length HD Episode Online Now!

Season 13 Episodes or Archives


Host Adventure: Cedar City July Jamboree 2016

Chad and Ria visit a car show that takes over a whole community. They are at the Cedar City July Jamboree. Watch to see why people bring their families to this event year after year.

Cedar City July Jamboree

Travel Adventure: Exploring Yankee Meadows

Steven is out exploring Yankee Meadows via ATV. This trail will push your skills to the limit. The Clear Creek trail is hard, bit the beauties you get to observe are worth it.

Southern Utah

Product Review: Victory Empulse Review

Darren reviews the new Polaris Empulse. This is a full electric motorcycle and is a great
performing bullet type bike.

Tri City Performance

Trail Adventure: Eagle Watching 2016

Reece is in North Salt Lake along the Jordan River observing the circle of life with a
family of growing Bald Eagles.

Eagle Watching


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