February 6, 2016 and Sunday February 7, 2016
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Host Adventure: Winter 4x4 Jamboree 2016

Darren and Jill are in the Hillside 4x4 taking part in the Winter 4x4 Jamboree. We show you some great scenery, trails, and explain why it is important to attend this event next year.

Winter 4x4 Jamboree 2016

Travel Adventure: RV Safari #4 Pacific Coast Highway

Chad and Ria continue their RV Safari by traveling the Pacific Coast Highway. They show some of the differences between Southern and Northern ocean towns and the coast.
They also show us some great places to stop along the way.

Pacific Coast Highway and Ray Citte RV

Product Review: Polaris Axys Pro Review

Darren reviews the new Polaris Axys Pro snowmobile. They have completely redesigned this sled and we show you all the great changes they have made.

Steadman's Recreation

Trail Adventure: Farmington Bird Refuge 2016

Reece is at the Farmington Bird Refuge. He is out doing some off season bird watching. He shows us some of the birds that forgot to head south for the season.

Farmington Bird Refuge

Planner: AYL Travel Planner

At Your Leisure is your source for all the cool things to do in the great outdoors. In this week's travel planner Darren and Jill cover the Utah Boat and RV shows, our new RV Vacation Giveaway,
and this weeks sticker winner.

Utah Boat Show and Utah RV Show and RV Vacation Getaway


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