April 22, 2017 and Sunday April 23, 2017
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Host Adventure: Ladies Off-Road Event 2017

Jill and Darren are hitting a trail where the ladies are in charge. They are at the Easter Jeep Safari on the Green Day trail. This is a ladies only event where much was taught and learned.

Ladies Off-Road Network

Travel Adventure: Recapture Canyon Utah

Steven is at Recapture Canyon. This is one of the most controversial canyons in the US. We tell you why and try to clear up some of the misconceptions.

Recapture Canyon Utah

Product Review: Wildcat F312 BHX Review

Chad reviews the new Wildcat F312 BHX 5th wheel. This is a trailer that will last and
has many great features for you family.

Ray Citte RV

Trail Adventure: Street Legal 2017

Terry gives us an update on House Bill 82 and how it will change ATV access on public
streets in Salt Lake County by May 9th.

House Bill 82

Planner: AYL Travel Planner

At Your Leisure is your source for all the cool things to do in the great outdoors. In this week's travel planner Steven covers the Off-Road Expo and this weeks sticker winner.

Off-Road Expo


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