It's time to experience the West like never before. Join At Your Leisure each week for some of the greatest family oriented outdoor adventures you have ever seen. ATVing, hiking, biking, boating, racing, fishing, Climbing, diving motorcycles , skiing and snowmobiles; simply put: if it's in the outdoors you'll find it on AYL. Plus get all the latest public land news and see how the politics of outdoor recreation is changing around you. With a new episode each and every week AYL is always fresh and ready to entertain no matter what you like to do or where you like to go with your family in the outdoors! Join Hosts Chad Booth, Ria Rossi Booth, Alisha Staten, and Steven Heumann as they take you to places you never knew were right in your own backyard.

Chad Booth

For over 30 years Chad Booth has been a television fixture in Utah. Chad's first appearance as a TV personality started right here in Salt Lake on PM Magazine back in 1980. From the Salt Lake market Chad moved to Pennsylvania to host and produce the popular TV magazine program. Chad was the face of fun for many years. He returned to Salt Lake and was seen as the first weatherman on Fox 13 along with Nick Clooney and Mike Runge. However, Chad's real love has always been boating and the outdoors, so when the opportunity to start his own show presented itself Chad launched the nation-wide program Boat World. After a few years Chad thought, ‘why limit ourselves just to water?’ In 2002, Boat World evolved into At Your Leisure, or AYL, and for over 15 seasons Chad has reported on every type of outdoor thrill imaginable. During AYL’s ninth season Chad met his wife Ria, and she became his partner in adventure as they’ve traveled the globe covering all types of outdoor events and destinations. You never know where you'll find them next.


Ria Rossi Booth

Ria, a rural Illinois native, has lived in Utah for 25 years and refuses to leave because she loves the outdoor opportunities that the West has to offer. There is not an adventure that she isn't willing to try…. except for spelunking (she is slightly claustrophobic). In 2011 Ria joined the At Your Leisure family as Chad’s co-host. Romance soon blossomed and they were married by Utah’s Governor Gary Herbert.  Since then Chad and Ria have visited one end of the country to the other, finding adventure at every turn.  Ria is also the At Your Leisure good will ambassador, because everybody just seems to love her right off the bat. So when you see the AYL crew out working, don't be afraid to step up and say ‘Hi.’ In about 30 seconds you will feel like you are hanging out with your best friend.


Steven Heumann

Steve showed up for his first day of work on AYL as an intern! That was back in 2003, so it is safe to say that Steve has spent his entire broadcast career at AYL. As a field producer and Travel Reporter for At Your Leisure Steve has jumped out of perfectly good airplanes and dangled off cliffs over some of the most striking landscapes imaginable. Each week he travels to a new area to report on OHV trails, lakes, destinations, or just a fun diversion. Steve has put more things in his adventure portfolio than most men twice his age. In 2007, Steve added the title of Senior Producer to his resume here at AYL. Following the same path that Chad took with PM Magazine 25 years ago, Steve has followed the tutelage of his mentor to become a skilled writer and director. Steve also steps into the role of host for the show alongside his fellow cast members, Chad, Ria, Darren, and Jill.


Reece Stein

Mr. Outdoors. That pretty much says it all when you talk about Reece Stein. For over 40 years Reece has been reporting for news organizations from the trail and stream to show the public the beauty of the West. If there is a fishing spot somewhere nearby, well that's where you'll find him. An amazing hike? Reece is there. Want to know about destinations in Europe, Cambodia, or the Galapagos Islands? He’s your man. His reporting style has inspired thousands to journey into the wilderness to find something amazing. Now with his own signature segment on AYL, Reece Stein's Sportsman Adventures, Reece is able to bring more of his love of the outdoors your way practically every week.


Darren & Jill Kinder

Whenever the newest boats, ATVs, or snowmobiles hit the market there is one man who is there to test them out and tell you all about them: Darren Kinder. AYL’s resident Product Reviewer gets to experience everything new and amazing. It’s a dirty job but somebody has to do it. Jill began her broadcast career in the early 1990’s as Chad’s co-host on Boat World. Now Darren and Jill get to work together as husband and wife hosting At Your Leisure. Together they find amazing off-road tracks to explore, or new motorcycle destinations to ride. Between long-distance trips on their street bike up the Pacific Coast Highway to a round-trip jaunt all the way to Alaska, Darren and Jill are the true ‘couple of the open road.’



Zach Cipriano, AYL Producer

Zach is the newest addition to the At Your Leisure family.  Zach studied Broadcasting at Weber State University and graduated with more talent and skill than the rest of his class combined. Plus as an adventurer himself, there was no better place for him to take over as Producer than AYL.  Zach’s good-natured attitude and energetic determination set him apart in a sea of television producers.  While he spends most of his time behind the camera, keep your eye out as his presence on the show will only expand in the coming months and years.


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